About Us

Our Story

When I was a child, watching TV in our house was somewhat scorned upon as outside were acres of green fields and woodlands to roam free and live the childhood dream. One day aged about 8 years of age I was secretly watching a movie on T.V. I was entranced by a very elegant horsewoman sitting proud on a horse drawn hearse with four magnificent grey horses out front and followed by a long train of very sad people. At that very moment I made a promise to myself. I was going to be a woman out front supporting people in their time of grief and I was going to do it in a very different way.  I was not exactly sure how I was going to do this back then, but today, as the Founder of Pure Reflections, I am sure.

where I live today with my husband and family I am still surrounded by green pastures and all the very best that nature brings to us. On finishing school, I completed my degree and professional training and as a Mortuary Scientist. During my time in the United States I began to research death and dying from different religions and beliefs to different methods of burial and cremation. With my background I was in search of an end of life choice that was more green and more sustainable than the options available and I discovered Resomation also known as water cremation. When I discovered the Inventor of the Resomator itself was a Scottish man we linked up immediately.  I then began the very challenging journey, to bring Resomation, the innovation and technology that would provide a more eco-friendly, more safe and more gentle alternative to flame cremation or burial, to Ireland.

And so in 2019 Pure Reflections was founded and our first Resomarium will open in County Meath in 2021

Our Team

At Pure Reflections we are a group of like-minded individuals who are open, warm, compassionate and very comfortable talking about death and dying. We have all experienced death in our own lives and born the extreme grief. Not to mention the overwhelming feeling when asked to make decisions and choices on behalf of a loved one who has just died. 

We understand and experience how grief presents itself in many different ways. Be assured at Pure Reflections we will support you and your family during your time of loss and sadness with our 5 simple steps on formalising arrangements. From your very first contact with us you are in the care of the Pure Reflections team all the way. Because we conduct the Resomation in our own Resomarium we can be with you or your loved one every step of the way. 

At Pure Reflections we are independent of any formal church or religion. We respect all values and all beliefs. 

We commit to delivering on your final end of life wishes and our promise to you is that your final journey will be ‘your journey, your way’.

Our Resomarium

We are located in Navan Co. Meath providing a service to all of Ireland. Everyone is welcome to our Resomarium and to be involved in the preparation of their loved one if they wish. We also provide a collection service using our own team and transport.

We are very proud to have partnered with award winning Celtic Clay for our Urns. Inspiration for the design and cascading colour came from the history and heritage of County Meath and the ever changing direction of our own life’s journey.

Thank you to Everyone who has been with us on this journey so far and supporting us with the launch of Pure Reflections. We have started as we intend to continue to be the best. Congratulations to Liz on the most recent accolade for emerging business woman presented by The Meath County Enterprise Board