End of Life Planning and Resomation

Pure Reflections, founded by Elizabeth Oakes in 2019 is Europe’s first Resomarium, offering the more green, eco-friendly and gentle alternative to flame cremation and burial, known as Resomation. A funeral involving Resomation is a familiar ceremony. Instead of flame we use water and just like cremation you will receive an urn containing the pure white ashes of your loved one.

At Pure Reflections we provide further comfort and peace of mind as your loved is in our care every step of the way, with no need to travel to another location for cremation or burial. 

We provide the utmost personal and compassionate care in our Resomarium to you and your loved one. At Pure Reflections we respect all ethics, all values and all beliefs.

Unique to Pure Reflections is the level of choice offered to you in Planning your funeral at a price that is affordable, all which you can do from the comfort of your own home.



Planning a funeral


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